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    Weizhong Han



    School of Materials Science and Engineering, Xi'an Jiaotong University
    28# West Xianning Road, Xi'an, Shaanxi 710049, P. R. China

    Webpage: http://wzhanxjtu.gr.xjtu.edu.cn


    Email:            wzhanxjtu@mail.xjtu.edu.cn  

    Office phone: 029-82664630  



    Professor                 CAMP-Nano, School of Materials Science and Engineering,  

                                      Xi'an Jiaotong University, Xi'an, Shannxi, China, 2014.01;

    Research Fellow     Center for Materials at Irradiation and Mechanical Extremes,  

                                      Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA,             


    Research Fellow     ARC Centre of Excellence for Design in Light Metals, Materials      

                                      Engineering, Monash University, Melbourne, VIC, Australia, 2008-2010;

      Ph.D.                         Shenyang National Laboratory for Materials Science, Institute of Metal

                                      Research,  Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenyang, Liaoning, China,


      B.S.                             Department of Physics, Shanxi      Normal          University     , Linfeng, Shanxi, China, 1999-2003.



    • One Hundred Talents Program of Shannxi Province Government, 2016.

    • Youth Thousand Talents Program of China, 2015.

    • Best      paper award in the ARC Center of Excellence for Design in Light Metals, 2011.      

    • Dean      award of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2009.    

    • First      Class Changxu Shi Fellowship,         Institute                                                               of         Metal   Reseah, 2009.

      Research Interests

    •  Radiation effect in metals and alloys;    

    •  Design of novel radiation tolerant materials;    

    •  Mechanical behavior of metals in gaseous environment;    

    •  Interface metallic materials;    

    •  Dynamic loading of materials;    

    •  Fatigue and fracture of materials.

    Reviewer for

    Advanced Materials; Physical Review Letters; ACS Applied Materials and interfaces; Acta Materialia; Nanoscale; Physical Review B; Applied Physics Letters; Scripta Materialia; Materials Chemistry and Physics; Materials Research Letters; Materials Science & Engineering A; Philosophical Magazine; Philosophical Magazine Letters; Materials Letters; Computational Materials Science; Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A/B; Ceramic International; Acta Metallurgica Sinica; Science China Technological Sciences.    


    1.  Yang Y, Kushima A, Han WZ, Xin HL, Li J, Liquid-like, self-healing aluminum oxide during deformation at room temperature. Nano Letters, 2018, DOI: 10.1021/acs.nanolett.8b00068.

    2.  Han WZ*, Ding MS, Shan ZW,  Cracking behavior of helium-irradiated small-volume copper. Scripta Materialia, 147 (2018) 1-5.

    3.  Li SH, Han WZ*, Shan ZW, Deformation of small-volume Al-4Cu alloy under electron beam irradiation. Acta Materialia, 141 (2017) 183-192

    4.  Han WZ*, Ding MS, Narayana RL, Shan ZW, In situ study of deformation twinning and detwinning in helium irradiated small-volume copper. Advanced Engineering Materials, 19 (2017) 1700357. (VIP paper)

    5.  Han WZ*,  Zhang J, Ding MS, Lv L, Wang WH, Wu GH, Shan ZW, Li J. Helium  nanobubbles enhance superelasticity and retard shear localization in  small-volume shape memory alloy. Nano Letters, 17 (2017) 3725-3730.

    6.  Wan L, Ishii A, Du JP, Han WZ, Mei QS, Ogata S. Atomistic modeling study of a strain-free stress driven grain boundary migration mechanism. Scripta Materialia, 134 (2017) 52-56.

    7.  Han WZ*, Zhang J, Ding MS, Lv L, Wang WH, Wu GH, Shan ZW, Li J. Helium nanobubbles enhances superelasticity and retard shear localization in small-volume shape memory alloy. Nano Letters, 17 (2017) 3725-3730.

    8.  Li SH, Han WZ*, Li J, Ma E, Shan ZW. Small-volume aluminum alloys with native oxide shell deliver unprecedented strength and toughness. Acta Materialia, 126 (2017) 202-209.

    9.  Ding MS, Tian L, Han WZ*, Li J, Ma E, Shan ZW*. Nanobubble fragmentation and bubble-free-channel shear localization in helium irradiated submicron-sized copper. Physical Review Letters, 117 (2016) 215501.

    10.  Xu N, Han WZ, Wang YC, Li J, Shan ZW. Nanoscratching of copper surface by CeO2. Acta Materialia, 124 (2017) 343-350.

    11. Yu WZ, Shen SP, Liu YL, Han WZ. Nonhysteretic superelasticity and strain hardening in copper bicrystal with a symmetric incoherent twin boundary. Acta Materialia, 124 (2017) 30-36.

    12.  Ding MS, Du JP, Wan L,Ogata S, Tian L, Ma E, Han WZ* , Li J, Shan ZW. Radiation-induced helium nanobubbles enhance ductility in submicron-sized single-crystalline copper. Nano Letters, 16 (2016) 4118-4124.    

    13.  Ding MS, Han WZ, Li J, Ma E, Shan ZW. In situ study of the mechanical properties of airborne haze particle. Science China Technological Sciences, 58 (2015) 2046.

    14.  Wan L, Han WZ, Chen K. Bi-crystallographic lattic structure directs grain boundary motion under shear stress. Scientific Reports, 5 (2015) 13441.

    15.  Han WZ*, Huang L*, Ogata S, Kimizuka H, Yang ZC, Weinberger C, Li QJ, Liu BY, Zhang XY**, Li J, Ma E, Shan ZW**, From "smaller is stronger" to "size-independent strength plateau": towards measuring the ideal strength of iron. Advanced Materials, 27 (2015) 3385.

    16.  Han WZ, Mara NA, Wang YQ, Misra A, Demkowicz MJ. He implantation of bulk Cu-Nb nanocomposites fabricated by accumulated roll bonding. Journal of Nuclear Materials 452 (2014) 57.   

    17.  Cobb J, Vachhani S, Dickerson RM, Dickerson PO, Han WZ, Mara NA, Carpenter JS, Schneider J. Layer stability and material properties of friction stir welded Cu-Nb nanolamellar composites plates. Materials Research Letters 2 (2014) 227.          

    18.  Han WZ, Cerreta EK, Mara NA, Beyerlein IJ, Carpenter      JS, Zheng SJ, Trujillo CP, Dickerson PO, Misra A. Deformation and Failure      of shocked Cu-Nb nanolaminates. Acta Materialia      63 (2014) 150. 

    19.  Han WZ, Demkowicz MJ, Mara NA, Fu EG, Sinha S, Rollett      AD, Wang YQ, Carpenter JS, Beyerlein IJ, Misra A. Design of irradiation      tolerant materials via interface engineering. Advanced      Materials 25 (2013) 6975.

    20.  Han WZ, Fu EG, Demkowicz MJ, Wang YQ, Misra A. Irradiation      damage of single crystal, coarse-grained, and nanograined copper under      helium bombardment at 450C. Journal of      Material Research 28 (2013) 2763. (Invited feature paper+Journal cover).          

    21.  Fu EG, Fang Y, Zhuo MJ, Zheng SJ, Bi ZX, Wang      YQ, Tang M, Ding X, Han WZ, Luo HM, Misra A, Nastasi M. Acta Materialia 64 (2013) 100.

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    26.   An Q, Ravelo R, Germann TC, Han WZ,  Luo SN, Tonks DL, Goddard WA. Shock compression and spallation of single crystal tantalum.Shock Compression of Condensed Matter-2011, PTS 1 AND 2.

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    1. Han WZ, The superelastic response of Ni2FeGa shape memory alloy pillar, IUMRS-ICYRAM, Oct. 24th-27th 2014, Haikou, China. (Invited Talk )        

    2.Han WZ, Design of shock resistant metals via interface engineering, New Quantum Materials of Novel Properties at Extended  Pressures, Aug.19th-21th 2014, Beijing, China.(Invited Talk)
    3. Han WZ
    , Effect of grain boundary character on sink efficiency. 2013 TMS, March 3rd-7th , San Antonio, Texas, USA.

    4. Han WZ, Effect of grain boundary character on sink efficiency2012 MRS Fall meeting, Nov 25th-Dec 1st, Boston, USA.

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    Useful links

    28 West Xianning Rd., The Building of Materials Science and Engineering, Xi'an, Shaanxi, P.R.China 710049

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