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    John William Morris, Jr.


    Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering in UC Berkeley

    Member, U.S. National Academy of Engineering



    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

        B.S., Metallurgy, 1964

        Sc. D., Materials Science, 1969


    1971 to present        University of California at Berkeley

                                     Department of Materials Science and Engineering

                                           Assistant Professor   1971-1973

                                           Associate Professor   1973-1977

                                           Professor of Metallurgy    1977-2011

                                           Chancellor's Professor     2009-2011

                                           Professor of the Graduate School   2011-present

    1971-2005               Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

                                    Materials Sciences Division

                                           Principal Investigator   1971-1978

                                           Faculty Senior Scientist    1978-2005

    1968-1971               Bell Aerospace Company, BUffalo, New York

                                           Research Scientist    1968-1970

                                           Manager, Materials Sciences    1970-1971


    Distinguished Teacher, University of California

    Member, U.S. National Academy of Engineering

    Fellow, The Materials Research Society (MRS)

    Fellow, The Materials Society (TMS)

    Fellow, American Society for Materials (ASM)

    Honorary Member, Japan Institute of Metals (JIM)

    Honorary Member, The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan (ISIJ)

    Administrative Positions:

    University of California at Berkeley

    Chairman, Committee on Teaching (2003-2005)

    Chairman, Graduate Study Committee, College of Engineering (1988-1990)

    Chairman, College of Engineering Committee on Aeronautics, (1987-1988)

    Chairman, Engineering Science Program, College of Engineering (1979-80)

    Member, Committee on Courses of Instruction (2006-2007)

    Member, Committee on Teaching, (2002-2005)

    Member, Representative Assembly, Academic Senate (1977-79) (1981-83)

    Member, Review Committee, Department of Chemistry (1976-77)

    Member, Review Committee, Dept. Mechanical Engineering (2002-03)

    Member, Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Title IX Compliance (1982-85)

    Academic Advisor, Graduate Program in Metallurgy (1972-)

    Academic Advisor, Undergraduate Double Major Programs (1977-)

    Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

    Executive Committee, Materials Sciences Division (1998-99)

    Program Leader, Advanced Metals, LBL (1985-99)

    Member, NCAM Scientific Program Council (1982-83)

    Associate Director for Industry Interactions, NCAM (1983)

    Member, Director's Scientific Program Council (1978-1980)

    Member, Computer Advisory Committee (1975-1979)





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    28 West Xianning Rd., The Building of Materials Science and Engineering, Xi'an, Shaanxi, P.R.China 710049