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    Development and invention of advanced characterization instruments

    The development of modern characterization instruments makes great contribution to the discovery of science and the progress of society. Lots of micro/nanoscale material characterization instruments have been applied in other fields such as electronic, biology, environment, archaeology and geology. However, new applications, including material study, put forward further demands for the development of advanced characterization instruments. We are committed to design and develop a kind of highly automated particulate matter (PM) characterization instruments. Compared with the traditional atmospheric particulates analysis method, the advanced characterization instruments is able to achieve the individual morphology and chemical composition information, and a "finger print" database of the particulate matters based on those information will be built, which will provide guidance to identify the emission source and cause of haze. This automated PM characterization instruments possess some automated features such as the alignment of aperture, the imaging of sample, the detect of EDS, the building of information base, which ensure ten more times efficiency than ordinary SEM characterization. The advanced instruments may replace the weight measurement method and provide a more effective and credible analytical tools for environmental monitoring field.




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