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    Mechanical properties of Materials

    Size effect on the strength of materials

    Sample size has significant effect on the strength of materials. For instance, the tensile strength of Cu whiskers increases with decreasing sample diameter. This “smaller is stronger” trend has been found in all kinds of materials. And in micro-nanoscale materials, elastic limit and theoretical strength can be reached. The size-strength relationship in micro-nanoscale materials is studied using in-situ quantitative mechanical testing technique inside TEM or SEM. Models are proposed to understand the underlying mechanism for the size effect.

    Sample size dependence of materials’ strength

    Deformation mechanism of materials

    The study of deformation mechanism of materials using in-situ straining techniques provide us enormous details which are unimaginable before. Deformation mechanism and defects evolution are investigated in various materials including crystalline metals, metallic glasses, and covalent materials. In-situ observation of the deformation process can verify theories, eliminate controversies and reveal new deformation mechanisms.

    A new deformation mechanism discovered in Magnesium

    FCC metals

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    BCC metals

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    HCP metals

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    Glassy materials

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    Reviews and others

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