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    GIF Quantum



    The GIF Quantum series represents Gatan’s 4th and most advanced generation of post-column energy filters. Redesigned from the ground up, the GIF Quantum combines advanced dodecapolebased electron optics with a blazing fast CCD camera system to yield an imaging filter that defines the new state-of-the-art in the capture of both highly detailed EELS and EFTEM data sets with maximum throughput. With the GIF Quantum, there is no compromise between EFTEM and EELS performance. Gatan’s patented sensor readout architecture (US Patents 5946033 & 7157720) allows the same CCD sensor to be used interchangeably as a full-frame high-quality imaging device, a high-speed live viewing device, and an ultra fast spectroscopy device. Aberration correction up to 5th order allows the use of a 1.8x larger 9 mm entrance aperture for EFTEM and a 2x larger 5 mm entrance aperture for energy loss spectroscopy at performance specifications superior to that of the GIF Tridiem. The GIF Quantum comes in several models to optimally couple to the broad range of TEM configurations and applications available today. Whether you have a work-horse LaB6 instrument for capturing elemental maps and contrast enhanced images day after day, an extreme brightness aberration corrected STEM for probing interfaces at the atomic level, or a monochromated system for observing energy transitions at the meV level, there is a GIF Quantum imaging filter to fit your needs and all those in between. Advanced options such as a 1 us electrostatic shutter, a 10x faster camera, a 2 keV fast spectrum offset module, and DualEELS hardware and software, allow each Quantum model to be tailored to the applications at hand.




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