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    Gas Injection-Specimen Heating Holder



    The device consists of a side enty type specimen holder and Heater control unit. This holder has a heating element and gas injection  nozzle.

    This holder is equipped with a specimen mount capable of setting a heater at tis tip and has a structure for easy exchange of the heater, which is combined with the base into an intergral body. The heater's connection is led outside the vacuum with airtight terminals through lead wires, and connected to the heating control unit with  the sppropriate supplied cable.



    • Heating temperature: max. 1500℃ in vacuum

    • Specimen tilt:  ± 15°

    • Observation area:  ± 1mm along the heating element.

    • Specimen shape: powdr

    • Heating element: Tungsten

    • Heating power: 6V DC/ 750mA

    • Duration of specimen heating: max. 5hours

    • Temperature read out: calibration curve




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