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    SU6600 Scanning Electron Microscope


    Hitachi SU6600 is a new and versatile Field Emission SEM which utilizes advanced Variable Pressure (VP) technology and an improved Schottky field emission electron source that provides exceptional imaging and high probe current with great stability. Our SU6600 allows accommodation of EDAX systems for versatile material analyses in addition to high resolution imaging and materials characterization. The VP mode allows the operator to change vacuum conditions in the sample chamber from high vacuum (≤10–4Pa) to low vacuum (10 ~ 300Pa) operation. The SU6600 provides unparalleled imaging and EDX analysis of challenging samples without the need for sample preparations such as metal coating or special grounding techniques.


    • Electron Gun: ZrO/W Schottky emission electron source
    • Probe Current: 1pA ~ 200nA
    • Accelerating Voltage: 0.5 ~ 30kV (0.1kV step)
    • Secondary Electron image resolution: 1.2nm (Vacc: 30kV, WD = 5mm)
    • Backscattered Electron image resolution: 3.5nm (Vacc: 30kV, WD = 8mm, 10Pa)
    • Magnification: 10 – 600,000X
    • Variable Pressure: 10 ~ 300 Pa




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    28 West Xianning Rd., The Building of Materials Science and Engineering, Xi'an, Shaanxi, P.R.China 710049