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    Postdoc Positions Available at CAMP-Nano, Xi’an Jiaotong University
    author:   time:2018-11-23

    The Center for Advancing Materials Performance from the Nanoscale  (CAMP-Nano www.campnano.org) at  Xi’an Jiaotong University (http://en.xjtu.edu.cn  invites applications for postdoc positions. Highly motivated young scholars with  a degree from physics, chemistry, materials science or related fields are  encouraged to apply. The positions are available immediately. Review of  applications will continue until the positions are filled. Detailed position  descriptions are listed below.

    Research fields:

    1.  A. Probing the properties and advancing the performance of materials from the  nanoscale

    B.  Applying and developing unique quantitative in situ TEM mechanical testing  techniques (indentation/compression/bending/tensile/fatigue/fracture +  heating/electrical + gas environment)

    C.  In situ experimental investigation of hydrogen embrittlement and hydrogen damage  at mutiscale.

    D.  Technology research and equipment development for high quality primary Mg and  ultra-high-purity Mg.

    E.  Design, manufacture and performance test of new generation Mg-based materials.  

    F.  Study on clean utilization of coal slime by micro-nano scale seperation  

    Contact: Prof. Zhiwei Shan, zwshan@xjtu.edu.cn.

    2.  A. Radiation effect in metals;

    B.  Deformation of BCC and HCP metals.

    Contact:  Prof. Weizhong Han, wzhanxjtu@mail.xjtu.edu.cn;

    3.  3D printed metallic materials and advanced characterization technique  developments.

    Contact:  Prof. Kai Chen, kchenlbl@gmail.com;

    4.  Functional chalcogenides using Density Functional Theory  simulations.

    Contact: Prof. Wei Zhang, wzhang0@mail.xjtu.edu.cn;  

    5.  Electrochemical Energy Storage Materials.

    Contact: A/Prof. Xiaohui Ning, xiaohuining@xjtu.edu.cn;  

    6.  A. Stress corrosion cracking initiation and propagation of nuclear  materials

    B.  Effects of irradiation on the environmental degradation of nuclear materials,  Contact: Prof. Wenjun Kuang, wjkuang66@gmail.com.


    The  position provides an annual salary of 210, 000 Chinese Yuan with free  accommodation for 2-4 years. Excellent candidates will be recommended to apply  for a special 2-year national grant for young talents, which provides up to 120,  000 Yuan annually as additional income. Note that the living cost excluding  accommodation in Xi’an is ~2, 000 Yuan per month. By the end of the postdoc  program, excellent scholars will get a chance to compete for tenure positions at  Xi’an Jiaotong University.


    Xi'an is the capital of Shaanxi province, located in the central part  of China. Xi’an, previously known as Chang’an meaning Perpetual Peace or Eternal  Peace, has a very long history of 3000 years, and has been the capital of  ancient China for more than 1300 years. Xi'an Jiaotong University (XJTU) is a  Chinese C9 League university with strengths in engineering, technology, and  public health located in Xi'an, Shaanxi, China. XJTU is one of the topmost  universities in China, affiliated to the Chinese Education Ministry, and is one  of the oldest current institutions of higher education in China. The Center for  Advancing Materials Performance from the Nanoscale (CAMP-Nano) is a first-class  international research and development platform. Founded in 2008, CAMP-Nano is  endowed with cutting-edge instruments, and powered by fun-loving and exploratory  spirits, which make us a creative and happy team, an envied home. Campers strive  to be pioneers at the frontiers of nanoscience and nanotechnology. Having  enjoyed the camp life here, campers will become leaders in academia, industry or  business. Since founded, CAMP-Nano has published more than 100 high-profile  research papers.




    Useful links

    28 West Xianning Rd., The Building of Materials Science and Engineering, Xi'an, Shaanxi, P.R.China 710049