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    Guides for international short-term exchange students
    author:Wei Zhang

     In order to help you quickly adapt to the new environment at CAMP-Nano, we provide tips and rules here:

    1)     Administrative affairs

    i. At the first day of your coming to CAMP-Nano, please register at R301 and provide your contact information for the daily use or emergency; 

    ii. Then input your finger-print into the door control system in order to get the permission to enter the office area; once done, our secretary will assign you a desk in the student office and provide you some necessary office supplies, including free Wi-Fi account. 

    2)     Lab entry rules

    i. Before you enter into the lab area and begin to operate instruments, make sure you have passed the required lab safety training and examination . Please contact safety office of CAMP-Nano, Dr. Xiaohui Ning (xiaohuining629@gmail.com, 304 room) for lab safety training and examination;

    ii.      After you finished the required safety training, you need to talk to Dr. Chaowei Guo (cwguo@mail.xjtu.edu.cn) and get the finger-print access to the lab area; 

    iii. All the facilities in CAMP-Nano are available to campers through the EASY-LAB online booking system (http://campnano.xjtu.ylab.cn). For specific equipment, systematic trainings are needed before you can use, please contact the equipment manager for more information. (http://www.dsverona.com/web/en/people/index.html technical staff)

    3)     Working time and leave etc

    i. You are required to follow the working time schedule: 8:00am -12:00pm and 2:00pm-6:00pm (2:30pm-6:30pm, between May 1st and Sep. 30th) from Monday to Friday;

    ii.  If you ask for the leave for longer than 1 day during the working time, please get permission from your CAMP-Nano supervisor and also register at administrative office: Miss Xiaohua Cheng (xhcheng80@gmail.com).

    iii. In general, CAMP-Nano will provide support for your stay at XJTU according to your original plan. If you need to adjust your study schedule at XJTU, please inform us at least two weeks in advance.

    If you encounter any issues which are not mentioned above, please feel free to seek help from other campers, we will be very happy to assist you. 





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